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Those who trust us

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Yanida Jaunkeepersad (Air Mauritius)
Author Picture

The trainer was very knowledgeable. The environment was nice.

Jean-Benoit Pierre (Superfund Technologies)

Complex paradigms were clearly explained. [I also liked] the explanations on the importance of using Spring and Hibernate instead of the traditional way of doing things.

Vishal Beersye, (Online Outsourcing Ltd)
Author Picture

This training has been even better than what I have been expecting. [I liked] the theories and hands-on experience.

Dev Harish Hurkoo, Mauritius Telecom
Author Picture

“Definitely one of the best courses I’ve attended.”

Henrick Maury, General Construction
Author Picture

“[J'ai apprécié] la vision globale [ainsi que] la culture impressionante [du formateur].”

Mohammad Yaasiin Karimbocus, Le Défi Media Group
Author Picture

“I especially liked the practical sessions about phonegap. I learned a lot.”

Lewis Choo Man, Checkout Support Services

“I am happy that Knowledge Seven has helped me to keep my IT career alive by providing me a strong footing into mobile development.”

Stephan Gopaul, New Mauritius Hotels Ltd
Author Picture

"Surely the best training I have attended. It does cover several aspects of Java, but also a lot about Object Oriented Programming and various tools which definitely help through."

Harvejz Panchoory
Author Picture

“The way Linux was introduced to me was like landing into another world with lots of new things to discover. I have now a growing interest by learning and practising more.”

Aruna Gungadin ( Air Mauritius)
Author Picture

[I liked] the practical part of the class, debugging the errors and getting the final output.

Avishsingh Gokhool (Navi Partner)
Author Picture

Being a beginner in this world I have been exposed to high calibre explanation and practical experience during 5 days.

Manish Purmanand Roopnah, TNT Document Services
Author Picture

“I personally didn’t know about Java much but [now] I am fully prepared to [have] challenging [assignments] in Java.”

Robert Turnbull (TNT Express)
Author Picture

The course was up to date with current technologies.

Noomesh Dowlut, Constance Hotels Services
Author Picture

“[I liked] the progressive way the training has been set up starting from a simple application to a complex full-fledged mobile app.”

David Marie, Fast Click Ltd
Author Picture

“Nice environment and very good lecturers.”

Shaheen Aumeerbocus (HDM Interactive)
Author Picture

The course was well planned.

Ashvin Chaundee (Superfund Technologies)

[I liked] the logical flow of the trainer’s explanation.

Clevio Grenouille

“The course was very interesting and I learned many things.”

Preetam Boodhoo, Mauritius Telecom
Author Picture

“The course exceeded my expectations in terms of knowledge sharing.”

Pascal Maya, Superfund Advisory

“[I liked] the latest updates on current technology being used.”

Michael Olla, Astek Mauritius
Author Picture

“The training is very good with lots of practical exercises. The trainer is very knowledgeable.”

An Android user

World Cup 2010 TV Guide: Excellent quick app to find out whose playing when. I had You did a good job mate!! Thank u! Sad World Cup is over soon… so quickly

Stephan Gopaul, New Mauritius Hotels
Author Picture

“[I learned] lots of topics which will improve significantly the day-to-day developer experience.”

Vannen Caremben, Anglo African Ltd
Author Picture

“At Knowledge Seven, it is outstanding knowledge delivered.”

Zuberr Nowrung, HDM
Author Picture

“[I liked] learning while developing useful apps.”

Lewis Choo Man

“[I liked] learning a new programming language.”

Jino David (Administrators and Consultants Ltd)
Author Picture

"I got inspiration to continue using Linux and learn more about linux network services and security."

Aruna Gungadin (Air Mauritius)
Author Picture

[I liked] the practical parts. It is a satisfaction to see the output when practising the codes and functions just learned.

Kevin Jugroo (Orange Business Services)
Author Picture

"This is my first training exposure to Linux. Explanations were clear enough, practicals well thought-of and examples relevant to the objective of becoming a Linux Sys admin for a novice."

Sanjeev Kotiah, Mauritius Telecom
Author Picture

“A good mix of theory and practicals. It was done at a steady pace so that the fundamental concepts could be understood.”

Hashim Joosub, DCDM Consulting Ltd
Author Picture

“The delivery of the course was good.”

Anthony Pedersen, Managing Director of Medscheme International
Author Picture

Knowledge Seven were able to quickly grasp our business requirements [...] The mobile app which they have created for our company will be a significant differentiator in our market. Knowledge Seven [...] displayed an excellent work ethic in building a sound relationship with our company.

Mohammad Reza Ramjan

"The various skills and know-how of the tutor bring a different insight to the course. You learn much more than what you expect"

Jean-Marc Clément

“[I liked] the practical approach of the course and the very vast knowledge of the trainer.”

Jino David, Administrators and Consultants Ltd
Author Picture

“[I liked that I was able] to test commands in real time.”

Julio Legrec

[I liked] the fact that I was able to instantly apply what had just been explained.

Avinash Ramdoyal, Telecom Plus

“The course exceeded all my expectations. It was awesome!”

Denis Boodeea, Mauritius Telecom
Author Picture

“Very clear explanations [using real-life] examples.”

Nicolas Desveaux, Cogir Ltée
Author Picture

“[I liked] the course content, the course layout and the practical activities. Also the tutor’s attitude and knowledge.”

Christophe Charles, Medine Ltd
Author Picture

“The course was a great learning experience.”

Poolwantee Hurgobin, MCA
Author Picture

"This course made Linux understandable and easy."

Bernard Auguste, ACL Ltd

“[I liked] the structured way the course was given.”

Tony O’Bryan Manbode, Ireland Blyth Ltd
Author Picture

“[I liked] the explanations and approach to the subject.”

Gregory Toulet, New Mauritius Hotels
Author Picture

“It was a great experience. We learned a lot.”

Ashish Gunga

“I have finally seen the light of day in programming.”

Vinoba Gungabissoon, Esokia Web Agency
Author Picture

“I enjoyed the practical, hands-on approach of the training, which became incrementally more complex as the course advanced so that by the end, we were developing quite sophisticated applications.”

Ravinsen Boodagee,Telecom Plus

“[I liked] the live practical demos.”

Yandlall Choony, Orange Business Services
Author Picture

“[I liked] the friendly attitude and teaching skills of the trainer.”

Arvin Kumar Seeboo, Ireland Blyth Ltd
Author Picture

“[I liked] the hands-on apps development. The trainer is very knowledgeable and goes beyond the course scope.”

Hemanta Hurry, Deep River Beau Champ Ltd

“[I liked] the explanations with the practicals.”

Sarvesh Nundalallee
Author Picture

I approached Knowledge7 with an idea which was coincidently in line with its business philosophy: ‘PROVIDING EDUCATION IN INNOVATIVE WAYS’.We went from idea generation to prototype of a concept and marketing of the product. Everyone contributed selflessly, and in a very friendly environment. I have learned and experienced practical applications of business theories, got a glimpse on an innovative management style and was in an environment where no one is wrong – every word was a contribution to improvement – which is very rare human dynamics. By the end of the day, we have come up with a platform with a potential to change education in Mauritius.

Stephan Gopaul, New Mauritius Hotels Ltd
Author Picture

“The quality of the course content is excellent. I am more confident of being able to develop an app now.”

(Mevin Pothunnah, Mautourco
Author Picture

“[I liked] the practicals which are all relevant to my job.”

Nischal Sahody (Navi Partner)
Author Picture

Precision, we met the deadlines, clarity of examples & explanations, friendly approach of trainer.

Déborah Nayna (Phoenix Beverages)
Author Picture

Good exchange between lecturer and students.

Reena Biltoo (TNT Document Services)
Author Picture

[I liked] the training environment and atmosphere. The trainer was very friendly.

Nasseerudin Coowar, Innodis Ltd
Author Picture

“Learning is done from A-Z, so it is worth it.”

Prashant Lallah, SIL
Author Picture

“This is the first time I attended a training where I was not bored. The practicals were the best.”

Ehsan Alladin, Blanche Birger
Author Picture

“The trainer was excellent and made the training so interesting and effective.”

Reza Ramjan

"You learn much more than what you expect."

Benoit Pierre, Superfund Technologies

“Training is of really good quality. Keep it up!”

Anabelle Lagesse (Phoenix Beverages)
Author Picture


Atish Greedharee, Superfund Advisory

“The course was outstanding.”

Ramsing Rughoobur, Ireland Blyth
Author Picture

“It was a fruitful experience which will help me to develop apps for my company.”

Ashish Boobun (TNT Document Services)
Author Picture

I had the chance to build more on my [existing] Spring and Hibernate knowledge.

Ramsing Rughoobur, Ireland Blyth Ltd
Author Picture

“The course is the right path to become a Linux guru”

Emma Naomi Govind (Navi Partner)
Author Picture

[I liked] the fact of starting from very basic and progressing upwards step by step.

Avinash Meetoo (Founder and CEO of Knowledge Seven)
Author Picture

Wordpress is a powerful content management system (CMS) which we use for all our websites: our company website and the other websites of our network. It works great, is easy to setup and maintain. I believe WordPress is the CMS to choose when creating a website.

Avinash Meetoo (Founder and CEO of Knowledge Seven)
Author Picture

More and more marketing is done online as people tend to spend a lot of time on the Internet. To reach them, that's where you should be: on websites, blogs and social networks. At Knowledge Seven, since a long time, we have shifted from conventional marketing to essentially online and we are very happy.

Lutchmee Devi Gopee

[I liked] the practical sessions with assistance by the trainer.

Satiandranath Gunga

“Linux made easy.”

Danilo Pavaday, Black Martini
Author Picture

“[I liked] the way the trainers break down huge and new topics (not ever heard before) into easier points.”

Nishita Jadoo (HDM Ltd)
Author Picture

The practical parts, the environment and the equipment are very good.

Satyadev Mussai, Logos Smart Card
Author Picture

“[I learned] new stuffs like HTML5, JqueryMObile, PhoneGap as well as the on-going trends in the ICT field.”

Bindya Sookee (Phoenix Beverages)
Author Picture

Good communication

Yanick Laborée, Mautourco
Author Picture

“The course went as deep as needed for me to be competent in my job.”

Sunanda Arjoon

“[I liked] both theory and practicals. I learned more than I expected.”

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Liliane Chan
Sales and Marketing Manager

Darshana Seetah
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Research and Development Specialist

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