Linux Professional



  • Master the Linux desktop environment and open-source software such as OpenOffice/LibreOffice, Gimp, Evolution, etc.
  • Install a Linux desktop distribution (such as Fedora Linux or Ubuntu Linux) and configure it appropriately.
  • Manage Linux servers according to industry best practices including installation, package management, file and user management and network setup.
  • Deploy network services such as DNS, DHCP, Web (Apache), Email (Postfix), Network File System (NFS) and Samba (interoperability with Windows).


The Linux operating system has become one of the most popular yet extremely powerful operating systems in the world. Linux powers most of the supercomputers of the planet, a vast majority of Internet servers, a lot of servers in companies including in Mauritius as well as most of the smartphones and tablets in the world through Android. A Linux professional understands how to leverage Linux on the desktop, on servers as well as on mobile devices.

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